The 3d Artistry of Satira Capriccio


September 30, 2017

Welcome to The 3D Artistry of Satira Capriccio.

This Gallery features my 3D artwork. Portfolio features my 3D content which is available for purchase through HiveWire 3D, and Satira Capriccio Creations features my drawings, sculptures, poetry, stories, and photo manipulation. 


3D content available for purchase through HiveWire 3D.


3D artwork

Satira Capriccio Creations

Drawings, sculptures, poetry, stories, and photo manipulation.


About Satira Capriccio

I could always be found in a corner reading or drawing as a child. In my teens, I began oil painting and eventually took a few oil painting classes at the local community college. As an adult, I studied art with my primary focus on sculpture and sculptural ceramics. I still prefer drawing over oil painting, but it was sculpting that won my heart.

In 1980, I was a founding member of a cooperative art gallery in Eugene, Oregon. My sculptures were shown in open and juried exhibitions in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, over the next six years.

In 1994, I was an Artist in Residence on Nantucket Island for six months and remained on the island working for the school through the summer. Though I was accepted into a local artist’s gallery, I left Nantucket before becoming a member.

For the next several years, I focused on my career in IT until the summer of 2006, when I picked up DAZ Studio, and later Poser 5. From the beginning, I was driven to create my own characters, and then began creating clothing for my personal use with Marvelous Designer 2, and then Silo 2.

My artwork is first rendered in Poser using purchased content or content I create. In addition to a base render, I will also create multiple mask renders or partial renders. These renders are then combined in Photoshop and enhanced. My characters frequently are otherworldly, with a touch of fae.

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